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Go for nature-friendly lifestyle

posted Dec 27, 2009, 12:44 AM by Mir Atta M. Talpur   [ updated Dec 27, 2009, 12:51 AM ]
Since the time of "Big Bang", the planet earth has suffered more during the last hundred years or so, as compared with all the times before the past hundred years. This is primarily result of non nature-friendly human activities. With the planet itself, the inhabitants have also suffered greatly - all inhabitants, human and animals alike. The human activities, which we call  development, have deleterious effects on their health too. Initially, standard of life did improve, with our lifestyle and with all kinds of luxuries we created for our temporary comfort, but later the way we played with the planet, more chaos has resulted in our lives. The incidence of all kinds crippling and malignant diseases has been gradually rising since the beginning of twentieth century. 

I feel, its high time we think seriously and pay attention to our lifestyle, food intake and make our lives more nature friendly. This is for the interest of our own lives, health and for the sustainability of this planet on which we live.  If we neglected to pay attention to these aspects of our lives, we would be facing the consequences of our neglect soon. We need to need to create balance and harmony in life for maintenance of what we call homeostasis - the lively, vibrant and balanced life on a friendly planet.