Ozone Hair Spreader

Ozonomatic Hair Spreader releases ozone in recommended concentration that helps improve hair management and styling.
Ozone Hair Spreader & Dryer. MelakaStore.Com Melaka, MalaysiaIt is widely known that hot air from hair dryers used for styling hairs has damaging effects on the hairs as well as on scalp. Until recently only few beauty professionals and hair saloon owners and operators knew about Ozone technology. But with the introduction of the OZONOMATIC Hair Spreader, blow drying one's hair has become a healthy, restorative process which will improve the hair over time and with repeated use. 

Ozone technology

Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen, O3, which is most well-known for its role in the environment. In the upper atmosphere, ozone molecules are responsible for shielding the earth from the damaging and dangerous radiation that is emitted from the sun. The ozone is a gas composed of three atoms of oxygen. When properly used in right doses, it becomes very beneficial to human beings as it leads to bountiful supply of oxygen to the cells! It has very effective antiseptic properties, and it is often used in air purifying systems to help clear impurities from the air. Ozone is also, now-a-days, commonly used to disinfect water. In fact, most useful hydrotherapy systems are those that use ozone. It is also now increasingly being used in swimming pools, instead of chlorine to keep the water disease free. These naturally curative and protective aspects of ozone have been studied for over a century, and there are many different "ozone therapies" currently in use throughout the world.

How Does Ozone Help Hair?

The OZONOMATIC Hair Spreader is distinctive technology which generates ozone molecules in optimum concentrations, which dries and styles the hairs. Research has shown that ozone molecules can have abundant beneficial effects on hair. Since ozone works most effectively in the presence of moisture, it makes perfect sense to use a blow Ozonomatic Hair Spreader as a medium to introduce the advantages of ozone to hair. Ozone reacts readily with skin oils and the personal-care products that coat hair and that and that’s why it is best used when hairs are moist. 

Ozone shortens drying time by accelerating the evaporation rate of water. This, in turn, exposed hair to less drying heat.

Ozone facilitates the formation of a protective layer on each hair shaft known as peptones. These peptones actually coat the hair cuticle and improve the overall health and appearance of the hair.

Ozone improves the efficacy of hair dye by strengthening the bonds between the innermost structure of each strand of hair and the chemicals in the actual dye. This is known as the "stain fixative effect." Ultimately, colour stays truer and lasts much longer with ozone.

Ozone diminishes frizziness and electrostatic "fly-aways."

Ozone hair treatment causes elimination of many infections from the scalp - is a best disinfectant. It can decrease dandruff and seborrhoea for the same reasons. It also helps improves blood circulation, hair growth and enhances the texture of the hairs.

Caution: Due to their proximity of scalp to the breathing zone, the use of Ozonomatic Hair Spreader should be ideally restricted to wet hairs and used for short duration, in a well-ventilated place.

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