Hydrotherapy at Home

Hydrotherapy is no longer limited to wellness centers, beauty centers or physiotherapy centers or hotels and resorts. Now you can do it in the privacy and comfort of your home (more hygienically). What you need to do for it is to buy Ozonomatic Spa System or SG-2000 Spa Machine. These are DIY and portable systems that convert your bath tub into a Spa System. As simple as that! For more info on Ozonomatic Spa System and/or SG-2000 Spa Machine and related accessories for health and beauty enhancement, please visit MelakaStore.Com online shop of Sindh Healthcare Sdn Bhd. 

  • Hydrotherapy for Cerebral Palsy - a complementary therapy to maintain musculo-skeletal physiology
  • Ozone Hair Spreader - Ozone facilitates formation of protective layer of peptones and also helps improve the efficacy of hair dye due to its "stain fixative effect".
  • COMFORT 600 – Multi-functional Bubble Bucket -  for foot spa etc. for use with SG-2000 only
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