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Foot Spa using COMFORT 600 Bucket

A novel way of foot care using SG-2000 spa machine and COMFORT 600 multifunctional bucket!

Among others, the erect posture distinguishes us, the human beings, from animals. We stand on two legs and feet and can walk or run using this unique capability provided to us by the Nature.  Due to this very posture and due to our weight, our feet have to bear extra-ordinary strain when we stand, walk or run. As we also wear shoes to protect our feet from physical trauma, the stuffy and cramped space inside shoes create environment of sweat and tightness. For this very reason, our feet deserve and need relaxation and loving care, for their optimum functionality and prevention of health problems related to lower legs and feet.

According to the theory of Chinese Traditional Medicine, our body has 360 acupuncture points. Out of these, 60 are located on our feet! According to this theory, soles of our feet represent area of our heart and thus called our “Second Heart”. 

Because of the very position of the feet, if they remain stressed, tense, or exposed to over-work for a longer time, may lead to stasis of blood, accumulation of products of metabolism, and numerous toxins. 

In persons with long-standing diabetes, the diabetic neuropathy leads to numbness of feet and poor blood circulation. This sometimes may lead to gangrene of the area (from toes to whole foot or more). Doctors then have no choice to amputate the affected foot or leg, to save the life. The affected persons then become wheelchair ridden or have to get support of artificial limb, etc.  All this can be avoided to certain extent by controlling the diabetes, improving the blood circulation of area and taking good care of feet. 

COMFORT 600 Multi-functional Ultrasonic Bubble Bucket, used in combination with SG-2000 machine can be a very useful way of podiatric care. It may help support our foot health (including ankles and lower leg) and prevent many adverse consequences. Super powerful bubbles and ultrasonic vibrations produced in the COMFORT 600 Bucket by SG-2000 stimulates five major effects:
  1. Warming
  2. Massage
  3. Cleansing
  4. Relaxation
  5. Enhancement of metabolism

COMFORT 600 Multifunctional Ultrasonic Bubble Bucket can be used for:

  • Leg relaxation, relief and care
  • After jogging or hiking
  • Rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities
  • After long hours of shopping
  • People wearing high heals all the day
  • People with prolonged stand-up at work
  • After long hours of driving
  • People working with computers for long hours

Other functions

Fruits and Vegetable Cleaning

COMFORT 600 Multi-functional Ultrasonic Bubble Bucket and SG-2000 can be used in combination to produce super powerful bubble ultrasonic vibrations to achieve a deep and thorough cleansing effect. Along with MOYA “All In One Cleaner” it helps to clear fruits and vegetables. Resultantly you get clean life while at the same time contributing to environmental protection.

Foot Spa

COMFORT 600 Multifunctional Ultrasonic Bubble Bucket gives your soles a warming massage, thus stimulating the lower part of your body. It improves blood circulation, promotes perspiration, supports elimination of edema, rehabilitates sore legs, helps provides relief from knee pain and backache and may also help one urinate better.

For foot spa one may add Moya’s seaweed or lemon bath salt and Moya’s Chamomile bath oil. Water may preferably be kept at 43C. Feet may be placed in the Bucket for 5 minutes and then SG-2000 machine switched on to provide bubble massage foot spa for 15-20 minutes. Optional: Alternate dipping of feet in cold water for 1 minute, 2 to 3 times may have better results.

Elbow Spa

COMFORT 600 Multi-functional Ultrasonic Bubble Bucket can also be used for Elbow Spa. Elbow spa helps do away with blood stasis between elbows and shoulders and reduces pain around that area. It helps relaxing upper part of the body and is especially appropriate for those who use computer a lot.

For Elbow Spa, Moya’s Melissa bath salts with Moya’s Chamomile bath oil can be used. Spa duration can be 15020 minute at water temperature preferably 42C. Optionally, alternate cold water dipping of elbows for 1 minute, 2-3 times may help get better results.

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