TR 90 Weight Management Program

Don't just lose weight, transform into a healthy YOU!

Take a time to watch this video to understand the Science Behind the TR90

The Science Behind the Weight Management & Body Shaping

TR90 is a breakthrough weight management and body shaping system, based on highly innovative gene expression science, that unifies your mind and body — for a leaner, younger looking you. 

Transform your life in 90 days.

When it comes to living well and living young, there’s one obstacle that millions of us are trying to overcome. Whether it’s hunger, lack of willpower, or life getting in the way, reaching a healthy weight and shape is a very difficult endeavor. The desire is there, but you need your mind and body working together — and working for you. Transformation is about more than a number on a scale. It’s about redefining your body composition to build a healthier, leaner you.

Together with a powerful, yet simple eating plan, an important part of the ageLOC TR90 system, and a more active lifestyle, ageLOC TR90 guides you on the path toward a healthier, happier life. With mind, body, and ageLOC working for you, you can succeed.

ageLOC TR90 — transform your life in 90 days.

How would you like to look and feel? What is stopping you? 

Lack of energy - Lack of exercise - Unhealthy diet - Not enough time - Lack of sleep - Lack of
motivation - Diets which are ineffective or hard to follow

Traditional diets fail because the weight people lose is part water, part fat, and part muscle
— 20 to 40% muscle. And with that loss of metabolically active muscle, metabolism slows down. With this reduction in metabolism, the body starts storing fat again. This is known
as the “yo-yo effect.”

Major health risks caused by excess weight and obesity:

  1. Hypertension (high blood pressure) 
  2. Diabetes 
  3. Heart disease 
  4. High cholesterol 
  5. Cancer (risk of cancer increased by 50%) 
  6. Infertility 
  7. Back pain, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and joint pain 
  8. Skin infections 
  9. Ulcers 
  10. Gallstones 
We all know someone who can eat whatever they want but never seem to gain weight. How would you like to have the weight management genes of that person? 

Now, with ageLOC TR90, you can reset your fat storage and metabolism genes to become slim. Your body will burn fat and gain muscle by resetting the genes responsible for controlling fat, metabolism, and muscle.

The key to a slim and healthy body isn't just a watching a number on a scale. You have to change your body composition. TR90 is a weight management program which uses ageLOC science to remove fat and maintain muscle mass through proper nutrition.

The TR90 Products include


The perfect push to get you primed and ready for success. By resetting your body’s balance, you can see the beginnings of success in just 15 days — and experience all the motivation that comes along with it.

You can mix it is water or your favorite beverage, once daily for the first 15 days.


A key component to make it easier to stay focused on the path to success.

You can take two capsules twice daily with meals. For best results take 15-20 minutes before

ageLOC® TR90 FIT

A great way to get your body back on track with optimum weight management.

You can take one capsule three times daily with meals. For best result take 15-20 minutes before meals.


An easy and delicious solution that removes the guesswork — giving you the ideal protein you
need while helping you control calories.

You can use daily to replace either morning or evening meal.


All ingredients of TR90 are chosen through a research process which proves their ability to reset the genes which control metabolism, fat and muscle. 

All ingredients of TR90 are 100% natural extracts from plants, fruits and vegetables, and do not contain caffeine, chemicals, or any of the hazardous ingredients frequently found in diet pills. TR90 has been proven to promote good health and will not damage liver, kidneys, or heart, and will not destroy the body’s hormone balance. 

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