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Managing perfect body weight


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  • 1.2 billion people are overweight in the world with body mass index between 24 - 26.9

  • Overall about 2.5 million people die due to overweight and obesity related health problem

  • 65% of the US population is considered obese. This makes up 97 million adults.

  • About 50% of Singaporean adults are either overweight or obese according to new BMI guidelines. 35 percent of them carry risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and heart disease.

  • In Malaysia 50% of adults are rated overweight (BMI 25 or more) and obese (BMI 30 or more). These Malaysians are hence at risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

See if you are you overweight?

TR90 - Perfect Body Weight Management Program by HomeoSaga

Below are three standards one can use to know if he/she is in healthy weight range or not.

Know your ideal body weight


  • Men: (Height (cm) - 80) * 0.7
  • Women: (Height (cm) - 70) * 0.6

Normal: It ranges from ideal to 10% higher than ideal body weight

Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI = Weight (kg) / (Height in meters)2

Body fat measurement

Using body fat analyzer one can measure body fats

Causes of Obesity

High food intake

Those who are fond of food and can'd settle down without supper are prone to obesity.

  • 64% of people admit this happens via their mouth (diet) - the real culprit. 
  • 32% people over consume carbohydrates 
  • 27% people overconsume sugar 
  • 23% are "meat eaters" 
  • 25% over consume only food 
  • 11% over consume cakes and pastry

Stressful life

People with stressful life may look slim but are actually not and they often love sweet food.

High Calorie intakePeople busy at their work place develop habit of eating during free time as 'reward' and this compounds the problem.


Pregnant woman gains weight and and continues to remain overweight after childbirth or maybe gain some more weight. 

Sedentary lifestyle

Less physical activity, hating exercise, and eat-all-you-ca attitude type people can easily get overweight or obese.

Bear Belly type

Those who take meals irregularly or cannot exercise due to joint problems.

"I can be slimmer" type

Repeated diet restraints and food abuse.

Understanding Obesity


  • Male: > 90 cm (approx: 35.5") 
  • Female: > 80 cm (approx: 31")[

Apple Shaped Body Is At Higher Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease]

Body Mass Index (BMI) is the reference standard

BMI = Weight (kg) / (Height in meters)2


  • Underweight: Less than 18.5 
  • Normal weight: 18.5 to less than 24 
  • Overweight: 24 to less than 27 
  • Obesity grade I: 27 to less than 30 
  • Obesity grade II: 30 to less than 35 
  • Obesity grade III: 35 or above

Why the dieting doesn't works well

When one fasts or eats less, the body takes it as starvation crises and switches to "conservation mode" metabolic pattern. Active muscles of the body are attacked in an attempt to reduce body's metabolic rate.

The moment one resumes eating, body actively starts converting all the ingested calories into "fatty energy reserves in order to prepare body for next possible starvation crises. 

Thus the fact is that those who take breakfast are slimmer than those who don't.The regular pattern of meal maintains regular metabolic rate, allowing the calories to be burnt before turning into fats.

Does more exercise makes one slim?

Calories expended on one hour of physical activity

 Slimming  100 kcal  Dancing  300 kcal
 Situps  432 kcal  Aerobics  252 kcal
 Running  352 kcal  Brisk walk  250 kcal
 Tennis  352 kcal  Cycling  200 kcal
Ironing clothes  120 kcal  Shopping  110 kcal

Study shows even a regular runner loses 5 lbs of muscle over 10 year period. 

The key point is what you eat after exercise? 

One can of Coke = 250 kcal = 1 hour of brisk walking for 40 minutes!

Thus if one goes for about one hour of brisk walk, losing 250 kcal and at the end of the exercise takes one can of Coke, the end result is almost zero!

Express weight loss courses - do they help?

Most weight loss products or methods available in the market which promise fast results are ALL GIMMICKS!

Using these methods one may

  • lose fats, or 
  • loose muscles 
  • but does one gets healthier?

Body composition during weight loss

 Water 60-70%  Fastest
 Muscle 20-30%  2nd
 Fat 30-40%  Slowest

Many weight management programs work either through strict dietary regime or meal replacement drinks. All these make the person feel hungry very easily and most of the time, these people lose weight but not fats. They lose weight quickly but regain weight quickly too. These programs are stressful and make the person very depressed because they cannot enjoy food and depend solely on meal replacements. These unhealthy slimming methods may cause kidney failure.

Weight management products available in the market often contain one or more of the following stimulants and will cause possible side effects:

  • Senna contains powerful laxatives and can cause severe abdominal cramps and pains, electrolyte imbalance, severe hemorrhoids, diarrhea, weakness, fatigue, dark pigmentation in colon. 
  • Yerba mate contains stimulants similar to caffeine and may cause anxiety, diarrhea and jitters 
  • Guarana is a central nervous stimulant with diuretic effect and also similar to caffeine. 
  • Bladderwrack, as a thyroid hormone stimulant, increasing the metabolic rate, breaks down lean muscie mass and is harmful to health and weight regain rapidly. 
  • Chicory (chicorium intybus) is a laxative and has diuretic effects.

Healthy, balanced, comprehensive weight management

The Right Approach

Three main steps are:

  1. The right products
  2. The right nutrition
  3. The right exercise

The right products

Product requirements:

  • Able to control cravings & reduce food intake 
  • Able to reduce the absorption of fats 
  • Able to increase metabolic activity
A well balanced, multi-faceted approach to combating fats and loose weight successfully

The right nutrition

One of the rule of successful weight management is: 


One should eat more food that is high in fiber 

A proper diet promotes fat burning and control fat storage 

One should consume a balance of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamin, antioxidant, minerals). 

3333 Diet Principle

One should always follow 3333 Diet Principle:

In a day one should consume 

  • 3 fist size servings of carbohydrates (whole grains, cereals, bread, rice)
  • 3 fist size servings of proteins (low fat protein, fish, lean meat, soy) 
  • 3 fist size servings of vegetables 
  • 3 fist size servings of fruits

Fighting FAT is the key to a healthy, longterm, weight management program success formula

The right exercise

Simple home exercises, hula hoop, twister, brisk walking, massage, shopping and other low impact exercises and off course Ozonomatic Hydromassage

By not sitting & snacking in front of TV, you have already won half the battle

The Concept

  • No starving, easy and stress-free
  • Loose fats, no rebound
  • Absolutely safe, no side effects, scientifically proven

Stagnant period

It is important to understand that weight management period is not a straight-line decrease, rather a step-ladder pattern decrease (stepwise). Stagnant period usually lasts 1-2 weeks. If participant don't understand this principle, they will misunderstand that program is not working and will give up. In reality, most people failed in weight loss because of giving up at this stage.

Monitoring Tools

The measurable difference can be seen using monitoring tools.
  • Body weight, body fat & visceral fat analysis (weekly)
  • Body dimension measurement (weekly)
  • Body defense Index (monthly) 

Weight Management

The weight management should be carried out by first measuring the body fat and set of other tests, followed by monitoring the progress. One can clearly see the difference as time passes by. For suggestions about products to use for health, beauty & body shape, please contact Dr Mir at +60-19-7139671 (Melaka, Malaysia) or click here to email. For more information about TR90 Weight management and Transformation program, please click here.