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Metta Tonic - The Mother Of Tonics

Nourish   |   Strengthen   |   Revitalize 

Throughout history, extracts from herbs, plants, roots, tree bark, leaves and flowers have proven effective in restoring and maintaining health. METTA, an excellent botanical blend of time-tested superior herbs, is formulated in accordance with all the ancient preparatory principles of herbal medicinal of East and West using uncommon, top quality, purest herbs. It is a non-alcoholic, chemical-free, pleasant-tasting, invigorating herbal health tonic that can be safely consumed daily by both men and women of all ages. It is especially superb for stress-related health problems and mental strains. It is rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

21 Good Reasons to Take METTA

METTA contains 21 ingredients, each of which has different individual and cumulative effect on the body 
  1. Cardamom Seed (Elettaria Repens): Diuretic; digestive aid.; relieves flatulence. 
  2. Java Pepper Fruit (Piper Cubeba):  Aids circulation; increases energy. 
  3. Salep Orchid Root (Allium Macleani): Balances blood sugar; increases energy; restorative, invigorative tonic for general body weakness or convalescence. 
  4. Hundred Husbands Root (Asparagus Sarmentosus): Decreases inflammation; strengthens organs; improves immune system; blood cleanser; acts as an aphrodisiac; prevents premature ageing. 
  5. Ceylon Ironwood Flower (Manilkara Hexandra): Relieves fever, heatiness and constipation; strengthens immunity; astringent; anti-parasitic, brain tonic; antitoxin. 
  6. Indian Sarsaparilla Root (Periploca Indica) : Blood purifier; reduces inflammation; balances appetite. 
  7. Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza Uralensis): Anti-inflammatory; soothes muscle spasms; relieves painful urination  and sore throat; antioxidant, helps with chronic fatigue. 
  8. Long Pepper Fruit (Piper Retrofractum): Anti-diarrhea; expectorant; relieves cough; flavor enhancer. 
  9. Fenugreek Seed (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum) A diuretic with laxative effects; anti-inflammatory. 
  10. Costus Root (Saussurea Costus): Relaxes muscles; strengthens kidneys and lungs; relieves asthma; digestive aid; liver protection. 
  11. Nutmeg Fruit (Myristica Officinalis) Helps insomnia; aids in coughs and cold; improves nervous system; digestive tonic; improves appetite; dispels flatulence. 
  12. False Daisy Whole Herb (Eclipta Erecta):  A mental booster; bowel regulator and liver tonic. 
  13. Cane Senna Whole Herb (Nymphanthus Niruri): Helps maintain a healthy liver; remedy for jaundice; strengthens cells. 
  14. Magnolia Vine Fruit (Schisandra Chinensis): Protects immune function; liver support; antioxidant; reduces fatigue. 
  15. Brahmi Whole herb (Bacopa Monnieri): Increases energy flow and brings balance. Brain and memory tonic.
  16. Bilberry Fruit (Vaccinium Myrtillus): Improves eye sight, gastro-intestinal function and balances blood sugar. 
  17. Dandelion Flower (Taraxacum Officinale): Stimulates the appetite; improves liver and pancreatic health; general tonic; mild diuretic; blood purifier; antioxidant properties. 
  18. Chinese Red Fruit (Ziziphus Jujuba): Alleviates stress; soothes sore throats.
  19. Chinese Black Dates Fruit (Ziziphus Jujuba lnermis): Nourishes the 'qi' (life force) and improves blood circulation; helps with insomnia; relieves stress; restores balance. 
  20. Grape Seed (Vitis Vinifera): Antioxidant; prevents free radical damage.
  21. Dates Fruit (Phoenix Dactylifera): Cools the body; calms the nerves. 

Pharmacological Actions & Health Benefits: 

METTA helps enhance neuro-glandular functions, cleanses the blood, improves vitality, replenishes energy and strengthens 

Physiological Reactions: 

Being a "whole body tonic", METTA has all of these qualities to be able to: 
  • restore and maintain balance, homeostasis, throughout all of the body systems
  • increase and enhance energy through normal metabolic means, not artificially
  • increase the body's general, overall resistance to infections of all kinds and to keep the immune system in perfect balance
  • decrease the effects of stress and anxiety on the body's ability to perform and ability to rest and sleep
  • have good antioxidant activity to protect from free-radical damage
  • increase the body's ability to build muscle and/or lose weight through the burning of calories 
  • regulate digestion processes and balance them and be able to keep all of the digestive organs and glands in balance
  • keep the cardiovascular system in good health; to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure; to keep the blood's ability to clot in balance
  • target the liver, the kidneys, and other glands to keep them in optimum health
  • address the lower bowel to function optimally
Being free from alcohol and chemicals, METTA does not have side effects. However, most users need to go through the cleansing process. This is when the body rids itself of all the toxins and poisons that it has absorbed over the years. During the cleansing process, first time users may experience common signs of cleansing: slight aching pain, dizziness, slight tiredness and hunger, constipation, dehydration, and sleeping disorders. These symptoms are normal and are indicative of health improvement. After the cleansing process, the body can start to rebuild itself. When taken consistently, METTA has been known to produce positive results such as higher level of energy and reduced stress, improve body resistance and supports and strengthens the body's major systems: blood circulation system, digestive system, respiratory system and immune system. The longer the user stays on the product, the better the results. When taking METTA, it is advisable to take more vegetables and fruits, and to drink more water. 

In summary, METTA improves appetite, digestion, assimilation and excretion. It keeps one fresh, alert, energetic, relieves nervousness, muscular and sexual fatigue, stress, strain, asthma and tension. It is excellent tonic for busy people always on the go. For different phases of life, METTA may have these usefulness for: 

Teenagers and Young Adults 

-Promotes growth 
-Promotes general well being 
-Promotes good appetite 
-Reduces aging pain 

Middle Age Adults

-Relieves fatigue, tension 
-Reduces stress, strain 
-Restores strength, stamina and energy 
-Revitalizes well being 
-Increases resistance to disease 
-Prevents insomnia 
-Strengthens sexual abilities 

Senior Adults

-Slows down the aging process 
-Restores and rejuvenates strength 
-Strengthens sexual abilities 
-Improves appetite 
-Prevents insomnia 
-Increases immunity to diseases 
-Relieves rheumatism and arthritis 


Beneficial for: 
-sexual inadequacy 
-nervous debility 
-seminal complaints 


Beneficial for: 
-obstetrics & gynecological conditions 
-sexual functions 


There are NO contra-indications. METTA's sweetness is from natural fruit sugar and has NO added sugar. It has NO artificial flavoring, coloring and other food conditioners. METTA can be taken with any other food. However, if you are under medication, consult your physician for advice. 

Religious Prohibitions: 

As METTA is purely a botanical preparation free from alcohol or animal content, it can be consumed by ALL races of ALL religious faith. 


500 ml per bottle. 

Recommended Usage: 

15-30 ml per day (1-2 tablespoons). Take 5-10 ml 3 times a day after meals. Take directly or mix it in warm water to make a tea or mix it with any fruit juice or beverage. Shake well before consumption. 

Keep in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening. 


Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for pregnant women or lactating mother. Consult your physician or health professional before use if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription drugs. 

Questions and Answers

Q1 : What is METTA? 
A: METIA is a non-alcoholic, invigorating herbal preparation. It is made from 21 traditional herbs as its quality ingredients to promote general good health and energy. 

Q2: What are the actions of METTA? 
A: The extensive range of METTA's pharmacological actions helps enhance neurograndular functions, cleanses the blood, improves vitality, replenishes energy and strengthens physique. Besides, it is also remarkable in supporting the digestive system, promoting appetite, relieving insomnia, regulating nerve system, increasing metabolic rates and restoring youthful vigor. 

Q4: What are the expected physiological reactions after taking METTA? 
A: METIA is prepared using pure natural ingredients. It is absolutely free from alcohol or chemicals, hence it does not bring about any side effects. Those who consume METTA for the first time may experience slight aches and pain, dizziness, hunger, constipation, dehydration, and sleeplessness. These are normal physiological reactions indicative of detoxification of the body and health improvement. During the period of consuming METTA, it is advisable to take more vegetables and fruits, and drink more water. Continual long term consumption 
will improve body resistance and reinforce immune functions.
Q5: What are the cautions when consuming METTA? 
A: Reduce the intake of salt when consuming METTA. Sugars which are convertible to fats, carbohydrates and oily foods should also be avoided. Avoid alcohol within the 2 week period of taking METTA.
Q6: What is the recommended daily consumption of METTA? 
A: 15-30ml (1-2 tablespoons) per day after meals. Take directly in its pure form or mix it in warm water to make a tea or mix in your favorite fruit juice or beverage of choice. Before consumption, shake the bottle well in order to blend the herb deposits sitting at the bottom of the bottle. For maximum nutritional value, avoid adding it to any hot liquid.
CAUTION!!! YOU MUST READ THIS: If you have a severe medical condition, are using medication of any kind, are weak, or are an older individual or more fragile than most, we suggest you begin by consuming 5 ml the very first time so that your body can get used to METTA without having any discomfort. 

Q7:  What is the maximum of METTA I can consume each day? 
A: As much as you want and as long as you are paying attention to the rest of your diet. Tonic herbs in METTA are balancing, so the issue of over-dosage does not arise. However, BALANCE is the key word in health and if you choose to neglect good dietary practices while consuming huge amounts of METTA, that will not be healthy for your body. METTA helps to balance e the whole body system. Do not neglect a good diet. 

Q8: Can METTA be consumed while taking medicine? 
A: It will be better to have an interval of two hours between the consumption of western medicines and herbal medicines. Consult your doctor for advice. 

Q9: Is there any contra-indication? 
A: No. METTA can be taken together with any other food. 

Q10: Can METTA be consumed by people of various religious beliefs? 
A: Yes. METTA is a pure and natural concoction which is free from alcohol or animal content, it can be consumed by people of all races and faiths.
Q11: Who should consume METTA? 
A: METTA is equally beneficial to both sexes of all ages, especially those who suffer from long-term stress or mental strain. 

Q12: Can pregnant and lactating women consume METTA? 
A: Yes. As a general practice, consult with your physician first.
Q13: Can METTA be consumed by women under confinement? 
A: METTA is produced from twenty one precious herbs and is non-alcoholic. It helps in excretion and a remedy for excess "wind" in the stomach.

Q14: Is METTA safe for infants to consume? 
A: Yes. However be careful how you feed it to infants; they aren't really whole yet and so there is an element of uncertainty associated with the combining of foods in their diet. Along with nutritious infant formula, adding a few drops of METTA will make toddlers healthy and vigorous. No more than once a day. 

Q15: Can METTA be consumed by children? 
A: Yes. Children who are above 3 years old can consume about 5 ml of METTA for between 2-4 times per week. METTA helps in improving memory. 

Q16: What time of day should I consume METTA? 
A: Everyone's body functions at a different rhythm. Simply listen to your body and let it tell you when it's the best time for you to consume METTA.
Q17 : Since the taste of METTA is slightly sweet, can it be consumed by those who suffer from diabetes? 
A: METIA is rich in glucose which is needed by those who suffer from diabetes. 

Q18: How long does it take for the result of METTA to be noticed? 
A: METTA is a natural herbal tonic but not a medicine. Due to the difference in health condition and lifestyle, the time taken for the result to be seen could differ from person to person.
Q19: Should METTA continue to be taken after recovering from illness? 
A: Prevention is better than cure. Regular consumption of METTA may prevent the illness from recurring.
Q20: Should I stop taking vitamin and mineral supplements when I am using METTA? 
A: No. METTA is not a replacement for specific problem solving nutrients. Vitamins and minerals, when used in appropriate amounts, have certain tonic activity themselves. All vitamins and most minerals are paramount to good health and you should definitely consider including them in your daily diet.
Q21 : Can I continue drinking herbal teas while using METTA? 
A: Yes, you can. Plan on using METTA every day for the rest of your life. There is no need to neglect other nourishing teas in the meantime. Just remember this: Strong acting herbs are like drugs -they tend to over power the action of the tonic, but unlike drugs their activity does not persist in the body for long periods of time. Hence, to get the most from your herbal teas and other herbal supplements, you only have to take them a couple hours apart from when you take METTA.
Q22: Can I consume METTA while taking other herbs? 

A: Singular herbs (non-tonic herbs) can cancel out the good effects of a tonic herb. Therefore, in order to receive the health-giving benefits supplied by METTA, you should decrease or cease your consumption of all non-tonic herbs.
Q23 : Will METTA interfere with prescription medications or with OTC drugs? 
A: No. METTA is mild in its activity. It gently pushes body symptoms and processes towards NORMAL. Drugs are powerful and are uni-directional.

Q24: Will METTA interfere with the activity of drugs, or will drugs interfere with the activity of METIA? 
A: The powerful uni-directional force of drugs may overpower the gentle tonic herbs of METTA. Whatever tonic action that is pushing in the same direction as the drug will simply be multiplied a hundred-fold by the drug. And the bi-directional activity of METTA when acting in opposition to the direction force exerted by the drug will have little chance of restoring homeostasis as long as the drug is present. But there is an upside to this. METTA may reduce the side effects of drugs. 

Q25 : What is "bi-directional"? 
A: The word 'bi-directional' describes the most unique property of tonic herbs in METTA Tonic : the ability to exert activity in opposite directions. Nothing else in the entire medicinal world has this property. Nothing! Certainly not any drugs. And very few herbs. Here's an example. Ginseng is a tonic herb. It can either raise blood pressure or lower it, depending on the momentary needs of the body when it is consumed. How does it do that? It contains one group of ingredients that can lower blood pressure, and another group that can raise blood pressure. Won't the forces cancel each other out? No. Numerous studies have shown that the body is able to extract from foods, dietary supplements, and herbs, the specific nutrients it needs at the moment the items are consumed. The unneeded nutrients are simply excreted or metabolized into inactive intermediates or ignored. 

Q26: Does that mean METTA detoxify drugs? How so? 
A: It has to do with METTA's inherent attribute of pushing systems toward normal, thereby checking some of the adverse, or non-normalizing over-reaches of drugs. 

Q27: So, should I use METTA, while using drugs? 
A: Yes, but it is the detoxifying action of METTA , rather than the balancing action of METTA that you will be taking advantage of

Q28: Can I still use METTA if I am allergic to any of its ingredients? 
A: It depends on how allergic you are. A serious allergy that results in hives, rashes, or anaphylactic shock would preclude the use of the tonic. Mild allergies that result in headache, upset stomach, or loose bowels, for example will, surprisingly, often disappear after continued use of METTA. Tonic herbs tend to heal these kinds of processes. The recommendation is that you slowly increase the amount of METTA you consume each time, gradually building up tolerance and possibly eliminating altogether.
Q29: What results could I expect when I first consume METTA? 
A: Increased energy.
Q30: Why is METTA different from all other drinks in the market? 
A: METTA has a wide range of enzymes, vitamins and other nutritional ingredients in liquid form that enhances the body's ability to absorb and use them quickly. Other drink products are fruit juices that do not include the complex ingredient panel found in METTA.
Q31 : Are there any animal based ingredients in METTA? 
A: METTA is vegan. There are no animal based ingredients used.
Q32: Are the herbs in METTA certified organic? 
A: No.
Q33: Why is it necessary to have preservatives in METTA?
A: METTA is not shipped to you in refrigerated trucks. Due to temperature variations when we ship throughout the world, it's necessary to put a small amount of preservatives in the product to insure shelf life stability and maintain freshness.
Q34: Does the METTA need to be refrigerated? 
A: Once you open the bottle, we recommend refrigerating.
Q35: What is the shelf life of the METTA? 
A: Two Years.
Q36: Does METTA contain artificial flavors or colorings? 
A: No. 

Q37: What is the last word on METTA? 
A: METTA should serve as the foundation of our daily health, restoring balance, homeostasis, normalcy to all glands, organs, systems and processes in the body, renewing us each and every day, invigorating mind and soul, and preparing us to withstand the thousands of pressures flung in our direction every waking minute of our lives. METTA is the best health insurance you can buy!

From where to buy?

METTA Tonic can be bought online from MelakaStore.Com