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Heavy Metal Screen Test

The Heavy Metal Screen Test is based on the dithizone reagent (known to chemical science for more than 60 years) which allows the detection of free electrical active metal ions in all aqueous solutions (water, urine, etc).

In a healthy body with a functioning detoxification system or in absence of heavy metals, there should be no free heavy metal ions found in urine. Consequently the more unbound metal ions are found in urine, the more body's detoxification capacities are exhausted or overwhelmed.

Traditional methods like hair testing or spectrometric system don't differentiate between bound and unbound metal ions which are very crucial in the overall assessment, since only the unbound metal ions are toxic to our body.

Heavy Metal Screen Test
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This objective procedure is simple, cost effective and completed within 5 minutes.

The test can be used to identify the type and concentration of heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Hg, Pb, Cd, Mn, Ni) or to assess the overall heavy metal detoxification capacities of the body.

Symptoms linked to heavy metal toxicity

Heavy metal load in our body is being constantly increased to the extent that, although not acutely toxic, it will contribute to a decline of our overall health

Environmental Toxins, Heavy Metals ---> Oxidation -->  Tissue Acidification --> Chronic Inflammation --> Oxidation

Chronic Inflammation: Diabetes, Chronic pain, Atherosclerosis, Cancer, All degenerative diseases.

Tissue acidification: Fungus and bacterial growth, Osteoporosis.

Metal toxins have been linked to long list of diseases and health concerns, including Alzheimer, depression, weight gain, high cholesterol, allergies, diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune disease, cancer.

Other conditions linked with heavy metal toxicity include Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson's Disease, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Depression, Headache, Metallic Taste and Inflammation, Thyroid problems, Skin problems, Digestive problems, Hormone problems, High cholesterol & cardiovascular disease, depletion of immune system, low libido, impotence, prostate problems, PMS, fatigue, weight gain, fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia. 

Heavy Metal Screen Test allows you to instantly test your drinking water as well as many materials in your environment of heavy metal toxicity.

Primary benefits

  • Ability to quickly and conveniently obtain the heavy metal concentration or detoxification capacity
  • Ability to track heavy metal concentration or detoxification capacity over time as you supplement with detoxification (chelation) products and therapies.
  • The assessment of the heavy metal concentration or detoxification capacity may serve as an early indicator associated with heavy metal intoxication
  • To discover the possibile underflying cause for chronic illness
  • To determine if amalgam fillings are releasing mercury
  • To discover where metals are coming from (Environmental Testing).
Heavy Metal Screen Test is a very easy, quick, convenient and reliable method to check presence of heavy metals in your body (urine, saliva) and in the environment, tap water, drinking water, food items, etc. 

Heavy Metal Screen Test has been developed, after more than 20 years of research on natural medicine by its manufacturer . The product has been evaluated for its efficacy.  Sindh Healthcare Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of Heavy Metal Screen Test in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. For business, distribution and purchase inquiries, please click here to contact Dr Mir. 


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