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Goji Berry

Goji Berry – The Health Secret

Fresh Goji Berry goes under the Microscope

When the scientists unlocked the secrets of the goji berry, this tiny fruit revealed itself to be quite possibly the most nutritionally dense food on earth. lt contains 19 amino acids, 21 minerals including germanium, 15 vitamins, proteins, fatty acid and other nutrients. But the most important finding is definitely the species of fresh goji berry that possess four exclusive high bio-active polysaccharides not found anywhere else on earth! It is these polysaccharides that are essential for the normal functioning of our cells and immune system.

Traditional sun-dried goji berries

Traditional goji Berries are usually sun-dried. A great deal of nutrient quality can be lost during dehydration, storage and shipment, Moreover, with the traditional cooking method of stewing, boiling and soaking, only 2.03% of the active components are left and only 1/125 of polysaccharide is absorbable and digestible by our human body. Consumption of dehydrated goji berries can no way be compared with consumption with fresh goji berries.

Why are we suffering from modern Chronic Illnesses?

The weakened nutrient profile of our food sources and general decline in human health, together with harmful environmental pollution and unhealthy lifestyles, damage the proteoglycans and G protein acceptor from the surface of the our cell membrane. Glycoprotein act as receptor sites on the cell surfaces and can become blocked by environmental toxins and other substances. Damaged cell membranes lead to abnormal functioning of absorption and defense and faulty communication. They cannot recognize nutrients, other cells or antigens - unwanted foreign invaders.

Once these cells lose their ability to absorb nutrient, premature aging is accelerated. The breakdown of cellular communication leaves us more susceptible to disease as we lose our body‘s first line of defense.

Goji’s Master Molecules – Active Polysaccharides

Polysaccharides are of great importance to the smooth functioning of virtually every cell in the entire body. Goji’s 4 unique polysaccharides act as master molecules in the body. Synergized together, they command and control many of the body's most important biochemical defense systems.

The main benefits of 4 unique Polysaccharides in goji berries to our human body 

Heart and Blood Pressure: Optimizes cardiovascular health, inhibits lipid peroxidation and assists in maintaining normal blood pressure.
Genitourinary System (Kidney):  Supports normal kidney function, can help control or prevent prostatic enlargement, benign prostatic enlargement / Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, enhance libido and sexual functions.
Immune System: Helps enhance and balance the activity of all classes of immune lymphocytes, help improve lymphocyte count, increases disease resistance and helps suppress allergies.
Liver: Can help protect liver.
Endocrine System: Optimizes endocrine system, regulates normal hormone release, reduces menopausal symptoms and eases morning sickness. 
Digestive System: Improves digestion, reduces body fat by enhancing the conversion of food into energy and discourages fat storage.
Musculo-skeletal health:  Strengthens muscles and bones and is addition to children’s nutrition regimen.
Dental health: Helps maintain healthy gums and prevents periodontal disease.
Cells malignancy: Helps prevent cancer, boosts natural cancer-fighting ability, and reduces toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
Anti-aging: Combats premature aging, provides anti-oxidant protection, and protects your precious DNA from damage and mutation. Increases your energy and strength, Helps you to lok and feel younger.
Inflammation: Helps fight all types of inflammations.
Mental /Psychological health: Helps improve quality of sleep, alleviate anxiety and stress, and helps improve your memory. 
Blood sugar: Helps stabilize blood sugar
Cholesterol: Assists in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. 
Others: Relieves chronic dry cough and enhances fertility.

Scientifically validated super juice

Effects of Gogi berry are backed with rigorous science. There are many ways to conduct a clinical study, but the double blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled design to validate the effects of goji berry is considered to be the gold standard for fairness and honesty. That is why these studies have been so well received by leading peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals.

Search of True Goji

Not all Goji berries are created equal

There are many varieties of goji – as many as 41 species growing in Tibet alone. Not all species of goji berries contain complete 4 bio-active polysaccharides and proteoglycans. It is only found in the true goji berries named Lycium Barbarum

In the same way human fingerprints can be used to distinguish one person from all others, on the planet, a spectrometer can detect even subtle differences between berries at molecular level. This technique results in generation of graph; a unique fingerprint for whatever being tested – a Spectral Signature.

Thanks to years of dedicated scientific research, FreeLife ® is the only company to perfect a difficult and demanding proprietary extraction process and create the only standard form of this incredible plant available in the world today.
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