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About Us

On HomeoSaga, we intend to share with you some important pieces of information to highlight and educate those aspects of health and life which have remained ignored or haven't been paid much attention to.

Although this information doesn't replace professional medical advice and shouldn't be used as such, it will still give lot of insight into some important aspects of health and life. The information on this web site is for education purpose and to highlight the importance of some ignored aspects of our daily and routine life.

We will also be providing some products analysis, their possible health benefits and advantages or disadvantages. We do not intend to claim anything by analyzing these products. These analysis would be purely for educational purpose.

We will also try to suggest possible solutions to problems related to wellness, beauty and personal care. Although these solutions are provided by credible professionals, however, since every human being is different, these suggestions must not be taken as medical advice. It is important to seek your medical doctor, in case you have any disease or health problem or infirmity. Having said this, we can confidently say that this site have some very beneficial pieces of information.